About Bipoon

Bipoon gives you possibility to create your custom trading bots based on Neural Network and our proprietary Signal System: you can do it in one click without setting up entry and exit parameters. Pretty simple. No coding or special trading experience required. Manage your bots using browser. You only have to track your profit/loss and optimize algorithms in one click if you want.


  • - Neural Network module specifically designed for trading

    - Proprietary algorithms (yes, back- and front-tested)

    - Entry & exit settings (buy and\or sell, size, entry price offset and take profit, trailing stop, etc...)

    - Dashboard (signal feed with runups, open positions & its PL)

    - Algorithm statistics (recommended bot settings based on runup and drawdown signal statistics)

    - Demo-trading mode: no exchange account required (fo live trading: you need API keys. You can generate them on your exchange)

    - Bipoon is a keyboard-driven application (NO mouse, really??)

    - Yet more to come…

How To Start

- Sing up on Bipoon.com

- Choose an algorithm and start an optimization process. When completed, algorithm will start to generate signals. You’ll see them in Dashboard

- Setup a bot (choose an algorithm, trading pair and entry/exit settings). Bot will start trading

- Make profit :)

In case you need any help just text us in Telegram: t.me/bipoongroup

For more info please see: Bitcointalk



BitMEX live trading is now available!

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BitMex exchange

Demo trading on the BitMEX realised.

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We`ve added chart visualization in algorithms and bot statistics section.

11.10.2019 Read more


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