About Bipoon

Bipoon gives you possibility to create your custom trading bots based on our proprietary signal system: we give you entry signal, you choose where to exit. Pretty simple. No coding or special trading experience required. You can put your bots on 24/7 virtual server and manage them in Web App using browser.

We also provide you with statistics to optimize your trading strategy.


  • - Proprietary algorithms (yes, back- and front-tested)

    - Entry & exit settings (buy or sell, size, entry price offset and take profit, trailing stop)

    - Dashboard (signal feed with runups, open positions & its PL)

    - Algorithm statistics (recommended bot settings based on runup and drawdown signal statistics)

    - Demo trading mode

    - Bipoon is a keyboard-driven application (NO mouse, really??)

    - Yet more to come…

Download and Setup

- Sing up on Bipoon.com, create and setup a bot

- Download botrunner

- For demo trading: no exchange account required

- For real trading: You need Kraken account (will add more exchanges soon) and API keys for auto-trading (you can generate them on Kraken)

- Launch botrunner and follow instructions



We`ve added chart visualization in algorithms and bot statistics section.

11.10.2019 Read more

Feature release: Neural Nets

Create a unique algorithm using our proprietary neural network.

21.09.2019 Read more

Listing news

Great news! We've listed on Stadivm platform which is a great cryptocurrency community

20.09.2019 Read more


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